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Shana Hiatt


If you’ve ever had a glance at World Poker Tour, you may have noticed that the girl to the right is in fact the hostess of the whole game. Shana Hiatt (often misspelled Hyatt) is not a poker professional and does in fact stay away from the game, but has had deep roots in the scene since Party Poker picked her up as a spokeswoman.

Shana Hiatt was born and raised in 1975 and grew up around New Jersey, near Philadelphia. She spent her childhood travelling around as an “Army brat” with her parents and a younger brother. This pattern became more and more apparent later on as Shana got used to all the trips even before turning into a teenager.

Television has always played a key role in Shana’s life. She was stuck and glued to the newscasts and analyzed broadcasters thoroughly and even started to immitate. Her first and foremost dream was to become a news reporter.

In high school, Shana developed her early taste for athletic sports and seemed to be one of those kids who hate to sit down in front of a poker table. She practiced lacrosse, field hockey and lured boys with her beauty as a cheerleader.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus CodeAfter graduation, Shana enrolled in New Jersey’s Burlington County College in order to study broadcast journalism. Her educational course did not last very long as she was spotted by Ray Manzella, a famous model agent who has made careers for Jenny McCarthy, Pamela Anderson and more. Only 18 years old, talented, ambitious and beautiful was obviously what took her to her current standing point.

A few years later, she met the man of her dreams and got married. This is how her successful TV career started. Her husband, James Van Patten, encouraged her to aim for a newscast career and her beauty surely helped her off. Some of you may recognize Van Patten from World Poker Tour, since James’s brother Vince Van Patten is co-commentator with Mike Sexton. And this is how her acquaintance with World Poker Tour started.

Today, Shana works with numerous projects besides her job as a WPT hostess. She is often seen in papers and on other TV occasions, but spends most of her time with yoga activities, her husband and of course her dog.