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Jennifer Harman


You’re looking at one of the best and most successful female poker players of all time. Jennifer Harman has earned hundreds of thousands of Dollars in poker winnings during the last few years. That includes the $299,492 at the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic, where she scored a fourth place.

Jennifer’s interest in poker started years before she turned into a teenager. She used to watch her father play poker with his friends, and sometimes her father let her play a little too. Upon her high school graduation, she worked as a waitress at a Casino. Jennifer admits that she had a hard time keeping her eyes away from the poker tables.

When Jennifer finally ended up at a university, she spent most of her time studying biology. There was no time for a job, but she kept a steady income through poker.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus CodeLife after graduation became mind-boggling and turbulent for Jennifer. She decided not to pursue with her major in biology and instead went for a career as a poker player. This lead to disagreements between Jennifer and her father. Because of this, Jennifer was disconnected from her roots for a significant amount of time. When she finally managed to prove to her father, that poker is indeed a game of skill and that she could make a living out of it, life went back to normal. Jennifer got her family back and the pressure went off her chest.

During the late 90s, Jennifer experienced her major breakthrough in poker. She started playing a lot of Texas Hold’em games and participated in a couple of World Series of Poker tournaments. She did not prove herself successful there, so she began playing cash games with a small group of people. Among these players were Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson. They helped her to polish her skills and climb in the stakes.

In 2000-2005, she participated in World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. She also picked up playing cash games as high as $4000/$8000. Today, she lives with her husband Marco and four dogs. She has not yet settled with poker and plans to sharpen her skills and participate in future tournaments.