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Evelyn Ng


Evy, Evybabee or Eveybaby. You’ve problably heard at least one of these names before, unless you’re just browsing for very hot women. Evelyn Ng is in fact one of the most good-looking women in the poker community that we know of.

Evelyn was born in 1975 and raised in Toronto, Canada. When she discovered her true love of her life, gambling that is, she moved to Las Vegas. That’s where she lives today, single, attractive and no children.

Before she moved to Las Vegas, she was well acquainted with poker and blackjack. When she got there, she started working as a blackjack and poker dealer. This is also where she picked up her skills with chips. Besides being a natural beauty, she entangles opponents with her smooth chips tricks.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus CodeA few years later, she had her first big shot at the world of poker celebrities. She qualified to the Ladies Night World Poker Tour event in 2004 and managed to score a very respectable second place, which earned her glory and fame.

Since Evelyn’s breakthrough, she has participated in numerous tournaments. She finished at 22nd place in the main event of World Poker Tour 2005, as well as a 29th place at Bellagio Five Diamond Poker Classic in December 2004. Evelyn has not had any major winnings in her life, but attracts a lot of media coverage and exposure, and makes a living out of it.

If you want to see Evelyn from a 3D-ish perspective, make sure to check her out in the game “Stacked”, featuring Daniel Negreanu. And for those of you who did not know, Evelyn is tutored by Daniel.

Today Evelyn plays with Team Poker Stars and you can even find her at the tables, under alias “evybabee”. Besides playing poker, she also works as a sports commentator for NBC, commenting poker, of course.