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Tina Wallmann


Tina Wallmann is a 27-year-old international swim wear model based in Sydney Australia. Her father was born in Borken, Germany, which is the district located north of the Ruhr in Western Germany.

According to her Facebook page, Tina Wallmann is the Official Spokes Model and Player Host for online gambling. We’re not entirely sure what this means, apart from the fact that she used to be a model for a poker site which does no longer exist.

Outside of modelling, Tina Wallmann loves to work out at the gym, travel, read, listen to music and play poker. She is single and her favorite pet is a dog shiloh, she likes Porsches and to munch on grilled chicken.

So if we have any visitors out there who love dogs, drive a porsche and work at Kentucky Fried Chicken you might want to give her a call.

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