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Why Should Gamstop Be Handled With Care?

Why Should Gamstop Be Handled With Care?

Should Gamstop be handled with care? We think they should and for good reason too. If you’re an online gambler in the UK you’ve probably heard of Gamstop. Most UK-regulated casinos will abide by the Gamstop rules. If you haven’t heard of it and wondering what is Gamstop, read on.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a free tool that allows online gamblers to outline a monthly limit to their gambling. The self-exclusion tools utilize your name and identity and are wired up to all the Gamstop regulated casinos in the UK.

The idea of Gamstop is to stop gamblers from overdoing it. Often gambling can become a problem for many people and it’s a useful tool for people who want to limit their exposure to gambling losses.

All you need to do is give them your information and the limit you choose. Gamstop will then monitor your gambling on all registered casino sites on the internet. That way you won’t have to stick to one casino, rather you will be monitored on all casinos that are registered.

When is Gamstop Problematic?

Gamstop can become problematic at times for a number of reasons. Two years ago the BBC interviewed struggling gamblers and Gamstop. It was discovered that there was a loophole in Gamstop’s system. Gamblers were able to bypass the Gamstop system by simply changing their information slightly.

This caused a lot of issues for Gamstop because users simply hit their limit and then created new accounts and slightly changed their names or other data such as their residential addresses. After that, they were able to continue gambling online well past their original limits.

Gamstop was able to track down the issues and fix them but it is said there are still one or two workarounds for this.

How Should One use Gamstop?

The idea of Gamstop is great. It is endorsed by the government and is a nonprofit organization. However, due to its limitations and crude technology, it might not be the most reliable service.

It would be good to set a conservative but flexible Gamstop budget. One thing gamblers do not want is to not enjoy their experience because they are afraid of hitting their limit too soon. Although gambling in itself should be handled with care, so should Gamstop.

Gamstop Workarounds

There are a bunch of ways to workaround Gamstop that are relatively easy. One of the most common ways is to simply use a non Gamstop Casino. This would ultimately mean you would not have any limit on your gambling budget. You could bet as much money as you wanted.

Another common trick is to simply create a new account at Gamstop. Changing your account would simply reset your budget amount. You can simply create new online casino accounts to connect to your new Gamstop account.

Another easy way to workaround Gamstop is to use a VPN. When you use a VPN it gives the impression to online websites that you are using a different IP address. That would allow you to gamble more.

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