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Best Betting Companies and Their Marketing Strategies

Best Betting Companies and Their Marketing Strategies

Today some of the best marketing strategies are coming from betting companies. Their unusual style and innovation often reaps rewards. Let’s take a look at some of these betting companies and their marketing strategies


Bet365 is one of the biggest betting companies in the world. They have a very elegant online platform that is easy to use and is loved by many betters. The company was born in the UK but today offers its services all over Europe and North America.

It also has a very very unique marketing strategy that has helped the company grow into what it is today, one of the best online betting companies. Bet365 has powerful commercials that run on TV and on the internet. Among many commercials that boast the fact that they have the best rates, they always stick to a theme. That theme is called fun and action.

Every one of their commercials makes you feel like you are not only betting on the sports but you are a sports player. Giving betters that fun participation feeling of the game is what wins them many new clients.

International Game Technology

Arguably the biggest betting house in terms of revenue, International Game Technology has amazing marketing campaigns. International Game Technology has a very elegant ad campaign set of rules. They always showcase their product.

IGT is known to show the world and betters alike, their amazing products. Whether it’s the fact that they have the biggest online slots jackpot in the world or that they have built a platform that makes betters feel like they are on a game show that is based on sports betting, they make sure to show you all of it in their commercials and online campaigns.

Their Youtube ads are known as being long showcases that can last up to 10 minutes. Almost creating a reality game show time of feel to their product. This has brought in many new customers to IGT over the last 10 years.

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Scientific Games


Scientific Games is a large betting house that operates online. They are based in Las Vegas and were built as a push towards online casinos and betting houses and away from the traditional casino.


Their betting side of the business also has a very strong marketing strategy. They showcase their sophisticated betting technology to the world. They have some of the most advanced online platforms for betting. Scientific Games also utilize the best betting kiosk technology for physical locations. 


Scientific Games prides itself on its world-leading hardware and software. They have made some of the best slot machines in Las Vegas and are still in the market today. They also created the iLottery machine. Today, their focus is on their physical betting kiosk machines. They also focus heavily on their online platforms for betting and gambling. They have used their safe and secure technology to promote their brand and it has helped make their company what it is today.

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