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Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker

Is that your real name? Is it really? Come on, you have got to be joking. No, he is not kidding, his name really is Chris Moneymaker and he is one of the most successful money makers in the world of poker.

Chris’ passion for gambling has been a lifetime experience. He began playing bridge with his grandmother and later morphed into a love for blackjack. He did not pursue with making his passion a full time job, and instead went to school. After scoring a Masters degree in accounting at the University of Tennessee, he settled into a suburban life as an accountant.

One day, Chris sat down with his friends to watch Matt Damon in Rounders, and was inspired to become a poker player too. Unfortunately, finding legal card rooms was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. So instead of travelling for hours to play Texas Hold’em, he settled with a computer and a jacked modem.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus CodeAfter trying out a few poker rooms, Chris settled with Poker Stars and began playing at some of the many multi table tournaments. He settled with tournaments ranging from $20 to $40 in buy-in fees and won quite a few tournaments.

Winning a few tournaments every now and then seemed like a big deal to Chris at that time, but a $39 satellite tournament changed everything. Chris Moneymaker faced 17 players and hoped to learn a little more about tournament play. Instead of being tutored, he found himself tutor the other players and scored a seat to a 64 player World Series of Poker satellite, where he won a seat to the main event and a trip to Las Vegas.

After being victorious online, Chris had to face an even bigger challenge: to beat real life players, such as Dan Harrington, Phil Ivey and many others. After a few days of gambling, he found himself at the final table. He now had the chance of turning $39 into $2,500,000. The young accountant proved what was beyond his wildest imagination and became the best poker player in the world.

Today, Chris works as a spokesperson at Poker Stars. This is also where you will find him play, as he still enjoys playing tournaments as much as before becoming a Dollar millionaire.