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Chris Ferguson

There are many profiles that we would consider as characteristic poker players and Chris Ferguson is most definitely one of them. You’re looking at a player who has been called Jesus for ages, based on his looks of course. If you’re trying to outsmart this guy, you should know that he is more than just a skilled card player. He has photographic memory and his favorite movie is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

Chris Ferguson grew up in the sunny state of Los Angeles, California and was born on April 11, 1963. People who know Chris are well aware that his success in poker has a reason to it. He grew up in a wealthy environment with parents who have doctorate degrees in mathematics. More interestingly, his father advanced in statistics and game theory at the UCLA. Like many other young boys, he followed his parents’ steps and earned a PhD in computer science. Additionally, he picked up on poker at an early age, even before he turned into a teenager. His aim was, however, not set for a poker profession for quite some time.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus CodeHis interest in poker grew as he played poker with friends on weekends during his high school years. As Chris quickly developed, he started exploring whether his new addiction could lead to play at a higher level. Instead of maximizing his chances of winning, he went straight on and targeted the top level of players to find out how they played and what he could do to improve. He ended up playing a lot of live tournaments with buy-ins of $150 to $300.

After graduation in 1999, he decided to aim for the big bucks and joined World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. At the world championships, Chris won no less than five bracelets, including the victory at the main event of Texas Hold’em No-Limit in 2000. At the final table, Chris faced T.J. Cloutier and got a “trademark” on his winning cards, A-9. T.J. Cloutier had the edge over Chris with A-Q, but at the river Jesus got his prayers heard and hit a 9. So next time you pick up A-9, you have the hands of Chris Ferguson.

Chris is far away from giving up on poker. In fact, we’re not sure if he ever will, that is until Mother Nature has spoken. The living Jesus statue participated in over 70 events in 2004 and at least 75 in 2005. Besides live play, you can also face him and at Full Tilt Poker, which was co-founded by him and a few other poker celebrities. He plays under alias Ferguson and has been spotted in tournaments, and as far as we know, he doesn’t play ring games online.