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Top 5 Online Poker Bonuses You Should Know About

Top 5 Online Poker Bonuses You Should Know About
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Online gambling has become increasingly popular, and Internet casino players are always looking for new ways to attract more people to their web-based gaming platforms. As more and more casino bonus sites have launched, competition has become fiercer and forced sites to offer more generous online poker bonuses than ever.

This article will cover the various types of online poker bonus offers and how you can take advantage of them.

Type of online casino poker deposit bonus

Without further ado, here are the top 5 types of online poker bonuses:

1. First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is the most prevalent; most online poker sites have one, and they are the easiest to understand. When you sign up for an account at a new poker site, a “deposit” button on the main page will allow you to make your initial contribution to your brand-new account. You can then sit down and play some games with that money in your account, budgeting it wisely against the rake and other players.

Many poker sites offer first deposit bonuses with 100% match up to $1000 on your initial deposit. That means that for every dollar you put in, the poker site is going to give you another dollar so that when it’s all said and done, you have $2000 in your account balance. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule where a poker room may offer something different, like 50%, or they might not offer it at all. In general, though, this is the standard across the board.

Another thing you should keep an eye open for when signing up with a new online poker room is what happens after hitting the bonus maximum? Some rooms will let you continue playing using your own money, while others won’t allow anything else until the bonus clears, which can be anywhere from 3-6 months down the road, depending on how big of a bonus they gave out! If they make everyone wait until their deposit clears before allowing them to play again, they need to provide something extra for doing so, such as no rake for that time or other benefits.

2. Reload Bonus

If you are a serious poker player, then reload bonuses are the way to go. What is a reload bonus? It’s exactly what it sounds like; it’s getting money on top of your existing account so you can play even more poker games online! You have probably come across these before when playing at specific sites, and they look like this: “$50 FREE – Click Here To Claim Your Bonus Now” or something very similar.

The best part about these is that they don’t require any deposit whatsoever! Every month (or whatever amount of time), there will be another $50 in your account with nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the ride as long as you keep up with everything else stateside where applicable. This is great because if you were going to make a new deposit, you would have that money instead of getting it on top of the money you already had in your account.

3. Rakeback

Rakeback is the same thing as a reload bonus, but it’s not displayed that way on the poker site itself. You will only find this type of bonus at specialty online poker sites explicitly designed for Rakeback players who enjoy earning cash back on their play. There are no deposit bonuses here, so don’t get confused! This means that if you have $100 in your account and there is a 5% rake back, you will get $5 in cash in your account. This is a perfect incentive for players who grind a lot and enjoy seeing a return on their hard work.

4. VIP Program

VIP programs are a little more complex compared to the other three bonuses mentioned here. The VIP program is designed for players who play at a certain level and want specific things from their online poker site. This can be anything from getting Rakeback to signing up for coaching sessions, or it could even be getting points towards buying different things within the poker room itself, such as added software tools you might need, etc. These incentives don’t come around every day, so if you find a site with one of these, you should definitely go for it! It’s the best way to show poker rooms that they have something different and more valuable than just another reload bonus.

5. Coupon Code Bonus

We’re going to finish off with a quick discussion on coupon codes because this is not very common but can still be found at sites from time to time if their marketing department puts some serious effort into promoting them, which only happens during specific promotional periods when they are trying to drive more traffic to their site. 

This means that there could be a coupon code in magazines, newspapers, online forums, or even on the poker room’s website for people to use when signing up with them. Then you can enter your unique promo code into the “coupon” field when making your initial deposit and get extra value added onto what would usually be another reload bonus. This way, you don’t have to wait for six months for the bonus to clear before being able to play. Remember, though, this is not something you can find all the time, so it’s always best to be on your toes when looking for these types of offers.

How do I claim a poker deposit bonus?

Claiming an online poker deposit bonus is generally relatively easy, as most casinos that offer these kinds of deals have quick and straightforward sign-up processes. Before signing up at any online casino, all that’s required is to read the fine print, which states how long the player has to hit certain wagering requirements to cash out their bonuses. 

Wagering requirements are objectives that players must meet for them to be able to keep their bonus money after playing with it during their initial deposit period. Players can usually find information about wagering requirements on the homepage of each website they visit.

Poker Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

The terms of online casino poker deposit bonuses are usually quite easy to understand, especially if the player has experience in gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos. For example, many deals have wagering requirements that require players to gamble a certain amount of money before they can keep their bonus cash after hitting the wagering requirement. 

Wagering requirements are defined differently depending on each casino’s terms, but they usually range somewhere between 25% up to 200%. The exact amount varies from one deal to another based on what games are being played by gamblers.

For example, it is common for online slots players who win jackpots inside an online slot machine game room to be required to make 100% bets instead of 50%. This would mean that they would need double the action to avoid losing their bonus money or free cashback when cashing out or withdrawing funds from their accounts.

Conclusion on poker sites and deposit bonuses

Since their beginning, online casinos have been offering bonuses to players, so it’s no surprise that many of them also provide matching deposit incentives for new gamblers who sign up for accounts at their sites. 

These deals appeal to most people because they allow gamblers to play without having any money on hand until they collect some cash from winning hands after depositing it into their accounts. These kinds of bonuses offer players the chance to play and win without spending any money on poker games.