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How to Improve and Become Better at Texas Hold’em

How to Improve and Become Better at Texas Hold’em

Due to Covid-19 and lockdown globally, online casinos really have come into their own in
2020, and with Texas Hold’em being the most popular form of poker, it really has opened the
opportunity for steady poker players to win big this summer. We’ve put together a beginner’s
guide on how to improve and become better at your general Texas Hold’em gameplay.

Fancy a change to your usual online casino fix? Due to the pandemic slowly starting to ease
and public trust starting to increase again, live sporting events are starting again behind closed
doors; meaning the re-opening of the betting markets. There are still many betting sites not on
Gamstop to allow for your bets to be placed without any restrictions and hold-ups when you
have a tipped guaranteed winner.

Before starting the game of Texas Hold’em, ensure you take note of this little tip – positioning
yourself on the table to the right of the dealer gives the potential to have more power than the
dealer himself, due to the fact that you can raise the bet and knock the dealer out of play,
and therefore positioning yourself in the strongest place on the table.

Our next tip would be starting the game quietly, don’t go in all guns blazing into the first
couple hands and wait for your time to pounce once you know you are in the driving seat. It’s
best to ease yourself into the game and work out opposition tactics and playing patterns and
try to work out when they are bluffing or not (this is more difficult!)

Knowing when to raise in poker is ultimately the best tip we can offer to you, as this is what
you use to confuse your opponents and allow you to take control of the game. If you believe
you’ve got the best hand, raise big. This will fend off any players who have average hands and
also if they think they’ve got good hands they’ll eventually lose to your strong hand.

If you have a hand that is made and doesn’t require any more cards from the river, raising slightly
will allow for opponents to question their hand in play and make them more likely to fold. Finally, raise
to gain information from your other opponents – if you raise, your opponents with either
raise, call, or fold. This will give you info on how strong their hands are, giving you the
opportunity to decide your next move.

These three simple tips will allow you to improve your knowledge into the game and
hopefully, once you are able to play again in a real casino, give these a go and see how you fare.

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