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Gus Hansen

The Great Dane. That’s what they call him. Gus Hansen has earned the respect of all poker players in the world with his super intellect and his remarkable abilities in poker. He is one of the last people you want to face in front of the table, but also most definitely one of the most entertaining players to watch.

Gus Hansen was born in Danish capitol Copenhagen in the mid 70s. During his late childhood, Gus experienced games like Backgammon and reached world class play. At about 20 years of age, Gus decided that the Danish backgammon market wasn’t big enough. He spent his money on a trip to the United States of America and ended up in Santa Cruz, California and began playing at the card rooms.

Instead of playing backgammon, he instead picked up on various types of poker. During these years, he discovered that a somewhat erratic method worked quite well for him. He became unpredictable and an incredibly aggressive bluffer.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus CodeThen came a letter from the Danish military service. Gus Hansen was obliged to return and served as a civil servant until completion of his duties. He decided to move back to America shortly after and found himself on the streets of New York playing backgammon and gin. For the second time of his life, Gus felt confident that his gambling skills would make him a professional. One day Gus decided to pick up on poker and Texas Hold’em in particular. Its strong growth during the nineties inspired the young Dane, who suddenly found himself playing cash games in every corner of New York.

In 2002, Gus Hansen debuted with Texas Hold’em for the first time in a major tournament. He entered casino Bellagio, paid the buy-in fee for the World Poker Tour: Five-Diamond World Poker Classic. A total of 147 players participated and Gus Hansen’s investment later became the deal of his life to that date. He won the tournament and scored way over half a million Dollars.

Today, Gus Hansen has a great, world-wide reputation. His play style has earned him tens of thousands of fans who follow his moves wherever he goes. Gus is rather discrete about his fame, but we know that his shiny, bright teeth appeared in 2004 People Magazine’s article, “50 Sexiest People”. Add a few million Dollars to that and you’ve got the American Dream in a bundle.