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Full Tilt Poker unveils new Rush Poker game


Awarded our top poker room with the industry’s best software, Full Tilt Poker has launched a unique and exciting game mode called Rush Poker. As the name suggests, you will be playing an extremely fast-paced No Limit Hold’em poker game.

The concept of Rush Poker may seem a bit complicated at first, but is in fact very simple. First, the lobby lists a full ring table of any given stake. Players can join this table with hundreds of other gamers. For every hand, you are placed at a table with different opponents. Fold, and you get swapped to a new table. Fold again, and you see new opponents once again.

Unlike a regular table, you can click a “Quick Fold” button, which automatically takes you to the next table. Tight players can be dealt once every one or two seconds as other players opt to quick fold at other tables. With the large traffic at Full Tilt Poker, it is never an issue as players storm to the available rooms.

The only real difference between a regular poker table and Rush Poker is that you play hundreds of players, never wait for others to fold and generally play against tight folders who end up with premium hands most of the time.

To get the game going, blinds are posted as in any other poker game. However, the blinds are posted to the player who has gone the longest without posting it.

Is it worth playing?

After a few hours of play, we ended up with very positive remarks about the concept. It is definitely nothing for a serious player who strives to beat the opposition with tells and thoughtful bluffs. On the other hand, it is a great pastime for people who think poker can be somewhat slow, or for people who haven’t had aces or kings all day long.

We noticed several instances with aces and kings running against each other, but mixing it up is still a possibility as players rarely raise big with premium hands only to get some action between the quick folds.

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