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A VR Future for TableTop Games?

A VR Future for TableTop Games?
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Tabletop games continue to be amongst the most popular at both brick and mortar locations as well as online alternatives. This is mainly because gambling continues to grow amongst different audiences – but how do you deliver these games to a newer audience? Technology has been the key, and virtual reality may provide the next step in providing a realistic, real-time experience for players. 

We’ve seen huge variations over the years of what can be offered, top-down views of tables with player avatars around the edge, and a simple and clean interface to keep players interested. More modern options include live dealers which are essentially live streams of playing from the point-of-view of the table seat, live cards being dealt but whilst remaining virtual. 

Virtual Tabletop Games Miss This Major Thing

Oftentimes however these virtual tabletop games can be missing something for online players, as much of the experience of being at the table is missing. The social aspect of interacting with those around you, the tactility of the cards, and the table underhand. This is where virtual reality may be able to bridge the gap between the offline tactile play and the online convenience play. 

Building a virtual world will bring back part of the experience that is often missing online, the social aspect. If you’re able to see the players around you, their own custom avatars moving around in real-time – will make a difference. Being able to chat with them in real-time, may bring the virtual world to life as you’re no longer just typing or using emotes to convey a message. 

Similarly, these allow players to feel more unique and individual as customization options and unique currencies allow them to stand out from those around them.

Exclusivity – Another Missing Part

These worlds also provide another part of what many may be missing – some exclusivity. Being able to work your way up to a higher stakes table that may be in a separate part of this virtual world could replicate what may be felt at a brick and mortar location. As you’re separated from the regular player and joined with the high rollers,  and whilst part of the tactility may not be there, being able to interact with your cards and chips with real movement may at least provide some joy for many players.

Plenty of online casinos seem to be heading in this direction in the near future too as the technology becomes more consumer-friendly. While others may still be firmly planted with existing technologies – there has been an effort to reduce participation options through the recent pandemic too as player numbers have swelled. 

Initiatives such as Gamstop had been given more authority and other restrictions such as a ban on credit card betting have reduced options for many players. Despite this, a growing list of non-Gamstop casinos, for example here at thebestcasinos.co.uk continue to offer Tabletop games for these growing numbers. These may also be amongst the first to start offering a glimpse into the future of virtual casinos and the world that they can build.

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