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A Short Guide on What is 4 Betting Poker

A Short Guide on What is 4 Betting Poker

Are you interested in playing Poker? Or are you a beginner wanting to know how betting in poker works? This article will focus on 4 betting Poker. Four-bet or 4 bet in Poker happens when a bet, a raise, a re-raise, and another raise occurs. That last raise is called a 4 bet. This is a slang term you will often hear from live commenters and generally a very exciting moment in a poker hand. 

With 4-bets, stakes are high and nerves can blur good judgment. Whilst 4 bets in poker are weapons of mass destruction, especially in a table full of both tight and loose aggressive players, it is not a move to use lightly or simply because you feel like it. Oftentimes, a four-bet in poker builds up a massive pot, even early in a hand. You do not want to get involved in such a committing move without knowing what may happen over the next streets, and even having a way out (other than the very predictable desperate all-in).

4 Betting Poker Explained

A 4-bet boosts your chances and chip count when used at the right time and against the right type of players. This technique lets you take advantage of players and take their aggression to reveal their weaknesses. Here’s how a four-bet works, in practice.

If a player re-raises from a previous raise, then he is using a 3-bet. A 4-bet is made by another player that is ready to re-raise the 3-bet. A pre-flop raise as 4-bet is used before the shared cards (community cards) are shown. At this point, players who utilize four-betting rely on their secret cards (hole cards) and their opponents.

There are many reasons why a 4 betting poker strategy is useful and often, profitable. Usually, you want to get the maximum worth from other players with poor hold cards but cannot let go of them. Some players use a 4-bet to bluff their opponents.

4 betting pokerThree-Bet vs. Four-Bet

A three-bet is the term used to define the initial raise before the flop. Three-bet came from fixed-limit card games as the first raise is equivalent to two bets, a re-raise is three-bets, etc. In no-limit card games, the big blind is the force or first bet, the initial raise is the second one, and the first re-raise becomes the third or the three-bet. 

The next re-raise is the 4-bet, and therefore, the two differ according to the time the bet was placed. A player using the three-bet strategy may still wait for another more aggressive player to “shove it in.” This is another way to call a 4-bet. And the next raise after that would be a 5-bet, and so on.

How To Use a 4 Bet in Poker?

There are many ways to use a 4-bet in Poker. In all of these strategies, position counts as this affects how the other players realize their value or equity. An opponent may consider equity very well when considering a position. He may consider it poorly when he is not playing in position. 

If a 3-bet forces you with a premium hand (like pocket kings), use 4 betting poker. If you possess a strong hand playing No-Limit Hold ’em, after a flop or before a flop, work on a fast play rather than play it slow to catch your opponents. 

In some instances, when slow premium hands are correct, fast play increases the pot to get the best value. With a 4-bet, you’ll increase the pot size if your hand is ahead plus cut off your opponent. 

You can reduce positional disadvantage with 4 bet poker. It’s quite scary to try four bet poker for the first time, but soon you will learn how to overcome your fear. A lower stack-to-pot ratio is expected, and thus, the hand is effortless to play. And by using 4-bets often, you can become more comfortable with the strategy. 

4-bet is best played in really compromising large 3-bets. This is what you often see in live poker games. A player folds all except for the strong hands and then 4-bet the strongest cards. Remember, 4-bet against tough competition but choose wisely according to the equity. Avoid trapping when you’re faced with a 3-bet.

There are also times that 4-bet should not be used. If you “feel” that the time is correct, but you have never assessed your cards, then hold off using 4 bet poker. Don’t play with random cards because you are just up for a huge mistake. 

Always make sure that you are using 4 bet poker strategies correctly and never 4-bet on a whim. This is your key to success at every poker game when surrounded by LAG and TAG players. We always recommend watching a few videos of professional poker players using 3-bets and 4-bets to see how they flow in a game. Losing one can be disastrous so be careful.