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$25K Chip King Freerolls at Carbon Poker

$25K Chip King Freerolls at Carbon Poker

Every Sunday in April, Carbon Poker will be holding Chip King Freerolls with a combined prize value of $25,000. To qualify for these promotional freerolls, simply register for the Chip King Promo, and earn at least 50 VIP points before the Sunday freerolls.

The first Chip King Freeroll will be held on April 8th at 16:00, with a prize pool of $2,500. The April 13th Chip King Freeroll features $5,000 in prize money, and the 22nd brings a prize pool of $7,500. The final Chip King Freeroll will be held April 29th exclusively for the top 50 VIP point earners only, with a $10,000 prize pool.

The more VIP points players earn throughout the month of April, the more chips they will start out with in the Chip King Freerolls. Players who earn between 50 and 99 VIP points will start with 250 chips, 100 to 219 points will earn players 500 chips, 250 to 499 points gain players 750 chips, and 500 to 999 VIP points allow players to start with 1000 chips. Accumulate more than 1000 VIP points to start the Chip King freerolls with a unique stack relative to the number of points earned.

To become eligible for the Carbon Poker $25K Chip King Freerolls, go to the Carbon Poker Player Admin, activate the Chip King promotion, and Carbon Poker will begin tracking each VIP point acquired toward the Chip King qualification. To view where you stand on the Chip King leaderboard, visit the $25K Chip King promotion page at CarbonPoker.com.