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While we rank all sites by the overall score in the poker rooms section if you are mostly interested in the quality of the poker software and graphics then this is the page for you.

This might be especially useful if you don’t intend to at least start out by playing for money and are just interested in getting an as good play money experience as possible.

1. Full Tilt Poker

With first-rate, independently developed online poker software that is second to none, Full Tilt Poker’s fully-featured, highly customizable, and reliably stable software is constantly updated with the latest features in the industry. The lobby has undergone several improvements over the years to optimize navigation and usability, evolving into a unique and efficient filter-based menu system.

Geared for flexibility and personalized convenience, Full Tilt Poker’s table options allow a vast array of preference settings for both aesthetic and performance oriented tweaking. Multi-tabling functionality supports gameplay at up to 18 re-sizable tables simultaneously. Full Tilt Poker’s 2009 introduction of Rush Poker tables has eliminated the boredom of folding pre-flop, then waiting for the hand to play out; instead sweeping the folded player immediately to another table to be dealt into a new hand.

The Full Tilt Poker online poker software is also available for download on Mac OSX 10.4 or higher.

2. Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is using the perfected software of the Poker.com network and is also the second to do so. It is fairly unknown to the average poker player, but regardless of the lack of its status, this room is indeed based on the highest quality software you can think of. It is based fully on a Flash module, meaning that aside from being a low-weighting program, it is also resizable with no image quality loss as a direct result. Aside from just looking good, Carbon Poker offers everything from player notes to custom chat icons to excellent lobby filters. Features are dwelling here, although the table isn’t as customizable as some other sites, but still good. All in all, there is little to complain about.

3. Titan Poker

Developed by one of the world’s leading software companies, PlayTech, the iPoker online poker platform utilized by Titan Poker is among the most stable and feature-rich in the industry. Superior graphical quality, navigation filters, and optimization controls provide an all-around pleasing online poker experience.

Multi-tabling functionality at Titan Poker is top-quality, supporting up to 16 re-sizable and arrangeable tables at once. In the game, graphical hand histories allow players to review their previous hands while still in play, and a built-in live chat module provides instant customer support with a single click.

While the download version of Titan Poker’s software is only available for Windows users, Mac and Linux fans may access the Titan Poker games through the website’s instant-play flash version.

4. Cake Poker

The online poker software developed for the Revolution Gaming Network provides a stable and flexible online gaming environment. Presenting online poker players with a plethora of customization options to adjust the look and feel of the tables, as well as the speed and performance of gameplay, the Cake Poker software is easily personalized to the individual player’s preferences.

With an intuitive navigational design, the Cake Poker lobby puts players only a couple of clicks from their favorite games. Multi-tablers will enjoy a virtually unlimited number of re-sizable tables supported at one time. The note-taking function allows color coding of opponents, as well as textual comments about other players.

5. Poker Stars

The software of Poker Stars belongs to the absolute top of poker clients. To start with, the lobby is superb and very easy to navigate. Some players complain about the graphical theme, but there’s definitely a good feeling to it and we’re not complaining. Stability and speed have always been a high priority and this is definitely a success as well. The table software is like a mixture of Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and poker. In other words, exotic. It’s fast, smooth and very clear. Software features include player notes, avatars, hand histories, and good player statistics. We would like to see more settings in this package, though.

6. PowerPoker

Once you’ve downloaded the 12 MB installation file, you will notice that PowerPoker is uncharacteristically slick with an interface that is easy on the eye and graphics that put most poker rooms to shame. The software is based on the Revolution Gaming but looks nothing like it with a rounded table, a slightly tilted view, and slick buttons. It’s also speedy and reliable, and as far as we know, it has not caused any havoc during tournaments. The only downside of the software is the somewhat messy options panel, but the functionality is still there. You have the option to sit down at a predefined position, select graphics performance, sound options, card colors, hand history settings, auto post blinds, auto muck, wait for big blind options and much more. The table also comes with a very good player notes system which lets you colorize your opponents. This lets you get accustomed to the players in no time.

7. Noble Poker

Utilizing the iPoker Network’s online poker software, created by the industry-leading developer, PlayTech, Noble Poker provides one of the most robust, feature-rich online gambling platforms available. Engineered with both new and veteran online poker players in mind, the navigation and table controls are user-friendly, and a plethora of customization options allow for greater optimization and personalization.

In addition to all of the standard functions players expect – such as hand histories, re-sizable tables, and a buddy list to help players find their favorite opponents – the Noble Poker software also supports play at up to 16 tables simultaneously. With download versions available in English, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, the Noble Poker software is compatible with most modern Windows operating systems. An instant-play Flash version is available on the Noble Poker website for Mac and Linux users, or those logging in from a remote computer.

8. Ultimate Bet

In our previous Ultimate Bet reviews, we spent much time criticizing the poor lobby software. The complaints have been heard and the necessary improvements have been made. Ultimate Bet has gone from being an average poker room, now blossoming as state of the art software. Sadly, there are no proper lobby filters available, which is setback since Ultimate Bet accommodates quite a few players. The poker table is where the real fun begins. This is one of the best tables we have seen. It sports a 3D perspective and captures the true feeling you get when you play real-life poker. We adore the mini table function – which is not unique in any way – but so simple and so much better than what is offered at other sites. There’s also a buddy function, very good statistics and a plethora of options. The only real miss here is in the full table which lacks a numeric pot size counter.

9. Celeb Poker

Celeb Poker uses the platform developed by PlayTech, one of the world’s leading developers of online poker software. The CelebPoker software is stable and richly featured, with graphical quality and navigational ease held in high priority for user-friendly poker entertainment.

Multi-tabling is well supported at CelebPoker, with up to 16 re-sizable tables. Players can also view graphical hand histories at the table to review previous hands. Unfortunately, there is not a download version for Mac or Linux, nor an instant-play option.

10. Chili Poker

The Chili Poker download is developed by the industry-leading software company, PlayTech, for all iPoker partnered online poker rooms. Stable and secure, with all of the latest features in online poker, the Chili Poker software provides a gaming platform that is easy for beginners to use, yet fully functional for the veteran online poker player.

In addition to the standard online poker software features – such as notes, hand histories, buddy list, and numerous table options for increased speed during gameplay – Chili Poker also has great multi-tabling functionality; supporting as many as 16 re-sizable tables at once. Cash game players can also dive straight into the action with a convenient Quick Seat button, or browse through the tables stats in search of the biggest pots and the loosest players.

While the Chili Poker download is designed specifically for Windows operating systems, Linux and Mac users may still access the Chili Poker games through an instant-play feature on the website.

11. Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker is powered by software developed by the Microgaming Network, providing a highly functional and secure online poker platform. Packed with all of the latest features and customization options, the Unibet Poker software is both user-friendly and flexible.

Players may upload their own avatar images if desired, and the table graphics are cleanly scalable and nicely arranged for convenience. Multi-tablers can enjoy playing cash games at as many tables as they can possibly manage, and view table stats from the lobby, as well as personal stats at the tables.

12. 888 Poker

The online poker software, provided by 888 Holdings, is fully loaded with all of the standard features, plus a few unique functions. The 888 Poker download is available for PC users, while an instant-play version can be played on Mac, Linux or Windows systems with a flash enabled browser.

One of the most unusual features at 888Poker are the PokerCam tables, where players can literally face-off against their opponents with real-time webcam video at the tables. What’s more, the 888 Genie may instantly and unpredictably appear at any of the PokerCam tables with a mini-game challenge for the players, awarding instant cash and other prizes.

888 Poker also displays a status progress bar to show players how close they are to reaching the next status level, or a bonus bar when the player is clearing a 888 Poker bonus so players will see how close they are to releasing the next installment of their bonus. For multi-tablers, there is an Open Identical button that players can use to open a table of the same stakes and game type in a new window.

13. Mansion Poker

The software used by the Mansion Poker online poker room is developed by the industry-renowned company, Playtech, for iPoker partnered sites. Featuring the latest in online poker innovations, Mansion Poker provides online poker players with a highly customizable platform, complete with an intuitive lobby filtering system, multi-tabling functionality up to 16 tables, and performance-enhancing optimizations.

Designed to be compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, the Mansion Poker software is easily downloaded and installed within moments over a broadband connection. There is currently no support for Mac or Linux users, though workarounds such as Boot Camp may enable reliable access to experienced users.

14. Poker770

Utilizing the Playtech software licensed by the iPoker Network, Poker770 provides a stable, feature-rich online poker experience that may be downloaded directly to the PC. For those who cannot download the Poker770 software, an instant-play flash version may be accessed via most operating systems with Adobe Flash Player-enabled browsers.

Lobby filters help players to quickly find the types of online poker games they are seeking, and hand histories allow players to review their hands without leaving the table. Multi-tabling is supported on up to 16 tables at once, with scalable graphics, and just one-click to cascade or tile all open windows. Live chat support is also built into the online poker client for rapid assistance from Poker770 customer service representatives.

15. Lock Poker

Utilizing the online poker platform developed for Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker features all of the reliability and versatility that veterans have come to expect, plus a few unique perks found only at Lock Poker. Designed for ease-of-use, the Lock Poker lobby presents players with tabbed navigation that is suitable for even first-time online poker players, and advanced filters to quickly present the player with the precise type of online poker games they seek. In addition to a vast array of preference and table options, players may also upload their own avatars, or simply choose from the vast assortment readily available.

Multi-tabling is supported on up to 18 re-sizable tables at once, with the ability to lock up to four tables into each gridded window with the “Mini” controls. A unique feature of the Lock Poker software is the Stats menu, which presents players with several analysis tools, including a Sharkscope utility that allows Lock Poker depositors up to 10 free searches per day.

16. WSOP Poker

Utilizing the online poker software licensed by the 888 poker network, the WSOP Poker client may be downloaded on a PC, or accessed via the cross-platform compatible, instant play Flash version. For the most reliable stability, however, the WSOP Poker download version is recommended.

Veteran online poker players may be slightly put off the first time they open the WSOP Poker software and see a selection of nine cash games and tournaments available. Don’t worry, just click the All Games tab to find the familiar array of lobby filters, as opposed to the somewhat over-simplified Beginner tab. The Quick seat tab will allow players to enter parameters for their favorite cash games and Sit and Go’s to quickly find a matching table without having to sift through the lobby.

Multi-tabling features, customizable avatars, player notes and optimization options are all present. Overall, the WSOP Poker software is functional, sleek and easy to use, without being overly complicated or cluttered.

17. CD Poker

CD Poker offers a software package which is regarded to be one of the best in the industry. The graphics are appealing, bright and very clear. In fact, it could very well be the most good-looking graphical 2D table and lobby of all online rooms. But there’s more under the shell. A lot of functionality is built in and you can change the visuals and miscellaneous settings to make your client act as you want it to. Player notes are supported, buddy lists as well, but first and foremost, a very nice hand history playback feature. The only disability would be the way you sort rooms in terms of stakes, but taking that aside, this is a solid package.

18. Everest Poker

At first, we had a few raised eyebrows about the software of Everest Poker. It is not the typical kind you’ll find with a table seen straight from above. Instead, it is presented from a 3D perspective with realistic looking characters. We particularly like the fact that you can switch the observer viewpoint of this table. Everest Poker also features a superb lobby, which kind of reminds us of the old Bridge software we had a few years ago. Nevertheless, this lobby has all the filters you will ever need to find the table of your needs.

19. Doyles Room

Running on the Yatahay online poker platform, the Doyles Room software offers players a stable gaming interface with many lobby filtering options and plenty of customizable preferences. The developers have ditched the out-dated 3D tables and avatars in favor of a modernized 2-dimensional interface that scales cleanly, with re-sizable tables. In addition, the Doyles Room software is now capable of supporting multi-tabling of up to 20 individual poker tables.

20. Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes utilizes online poker software developed by the Microgaming Network, offering a secure and stable platform that is fully loaded with all of the latest features available. From the standard issue table options and lobby filters to virtually unlimited multi-tabling capabilities, the Ladbrokes software has everything an online poker player needs for exceptional gameplay; and a few things one may never have thought of. In addition, novice players will find a user-friendly navigational interface that places all of the necessities no more than a few clicks away.

For ultimate flexibility and accessibility, aside from the Windows-compatible Ladbrokes Poker download, a platform independent instant play flash version of the Ladbrokes online poker software is also available for Mac, Linux and Windows users.

21. Party Poker

You are looking at the software of the most popular poker rooms on the Internet. Unfortunately, the software isn’t of the top-notch class you would expect it to be. The interface is stiff and the poker tables are a bit pale. Despite this, Party Poker has a sturdy solution, not for its graphics, but for the very fast-loaded and simple software. We like the very extensive menu system where you can access virtually all the information you need, except for hand statistics. The software allows you to play at four tables, which is fully acceptable. In short, it’s very functional, fast and reliable, but not very extensive.

22. Paradise Poker

The Paradise Poker software is superb in almost every way. The graphics consist of animations, pleasant colors and that very exotic feeling. There are a couple of huge misses, however. For example, you cannot see the pot size and bets in numbers. It is not a big deal in slow games, but more of a constant itch. In turbo games, the itch turns into illness. We are also quite unsure about the dark contrasts in the poker room, but that’s all about individual taste. Sound effects are adequate and table animations are smooth. The player notes and extensive hand statistics come as a big plus. We have not experienced any problems with the software. In fact, it’s more advanced than most of its competitors but so well-tweaked that any potential slow-down is neglectable.

23. Empire Poker

Empire Poker has leased the skin of PartyGaming’s software. In other words, you should expect a lot from this application. The lobby is very user-friendly and built so that you can choose from different limits and games and set the game stakes apart. The top menus provide for a great amount of functionality, too. The table is very clean and simple but lacks the high-quality graphics we’re used to these days. But nevermind that, it’s still above the average. A multi-table play is supported.

24. GNUF

GNUF is connected to the Prima Poker network, which means that it is also using the same software package as the rest of that network. Developed by Microgaming, this package features most of the options a poker player can think of. Player notes are there, mini-sized tables as well, but most importantly, you have a lobby with great filtering functionality. Unfortunately, GNUF falls short on graphics. There is virtually no poker feeling to it, but vanity is far from everything that completes online poker anyway. Microgaming has been around since the dawn of poker, so the software is essentially free from bugs and other annoyances.

25. Bodog Poker

Privately developed with the novice and recreational online poker player in mind, the Bodog Poker software features intuitive navigation controls and a sleek, clutter-free design. Compatible with most modern Windows operating systems, the Bodog Poker software is free to download, and installation is quick and painless.

Loaded with indispensable options for casual online poker players to enjoy rapid access and speedy gameplay, the Bodog Poker software includes a QuickSeat option that allows players to be immediately seated in their favorite type of cash game or Sit and Go directly from the Lobby. The software also supports play of up to four tables at once, as well as a full-screen mode, and numerous customization options such as table color and sound toggling.

26. Sun Poker

As a partner of the iPoker Network, SunPoker uses state-of-the-art online poker software that is as solid and reliable as it is flexible and feature-rich. User-friendly, with an intuitive navigation system and lobby filtering for quick access to favored games, the SunPoker software caters to both the novice and the experienced online poker player.