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Draw Poker Rules

Draw Poker Rules

Draw poker is usually considered to be any poker variation where each player is dealt a complete hand consisting of five cards which then changes on later betting rounds by replacing those cards for new ones.

The actual play starts with each player being dealt five cards face-down. The players then look at their hands followed by the first betting round, starting as in most poker games with the player to the left of the dealer.

If more than one player remains after this round, as described in the basic poker rules, each player says how many of his cards he wants to change, from none up to all five by first throwing away that number of cards and then being dealt new ones.

This is followed by the second and last betting round where if any player bets and more than one player remains after it’s over they must show their cards to determine who has the best of the poker hands.

While draw poker is what most people who don’t really pay too much attention to the current state of poker think of when they hear the word poker it doesn’t really have much of a scene anymore especially at brick & mortar casinos. A big reason for this is the fact that when playing it skillfully it’s not really a very interesting or action-packed game.

It however still retains its home game popularity and acceptable activity at some online poker rooms with the best ones being 24hPokerParadise PokerPokerroom, and Hollywood Poker.